Lost your iphone? Dont Worry!

Just like TRACKING ANDROID PHONE USING GOOGLE’S FIND MY PHONE FEATURE, its also possible to track Iphone using Apple’s ICLOUD Account.


  1. You should lost your iphone to track it.
  2. Your iphone should be connected with icloud (you might use it to store photos, music etc)
  3. Download ICLOUD For windows or Mac Here https://www.icloud.com/

1. Now Login to icloud.com with your apple ID (you should create it if u dont have it!). You should screen like below

2. Download the Mobile App “Find My Iphone” from IOS App store from another Iphone.

FINDMYIPHONE APP LINK : https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/find-my-iphone/id376101648?mt=8

3. Now login to the app using ur apple ID and password.  Your lost phone should already be mapped with the APPLE ID AND SHOULD have created ICLOUD Account.

4. Click on device which is syncrhonised with ICLOUD

5. Turn on Lost Mode.

6. Now u can see where your IPHONE is currently located.

You can report to police the area to find your lost phone

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